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HT19 Update

"A term’s worth of training culminated in Torpids 2019 where we entered two women’s boats, with W1 starting 3rd in Division II, and W2 starting 5th in Division IV. Our W1 stormed their way through the 4 days of racing, bumping twice on day 2 to get them into Division I, and winning Blades for a total of +6. This leaves Balliol 9th on the river, and our W1 hungry for more bumps in Summer Eights (and still never having raced past the gut!). W2 had a rocky start to the week, being bumped by New College and Lincoln W2 boats on the first day, and having a klaxoned division on the second day. An unfortunate collision on their last day of racing led to them being unable to finish the race, leaving W2 second in Division V. Despite this, they remained positive and will be coming back with a vengeance for Summer Eights. #roarlionroar"

               Leah and Leonor (Women's Captains)


"This year the men’s side entered two boats - M1 in division 1 and M2 in division 4. The first boat had a great opening day to the week bumping Hertford to go 7th on the river. With large competition from ahead and behind two strong row overs put them in with a chance to fight off St Edmund Hall on the last day who were seeking blades but this wasn’t to be leaving M1 with a respectable hold across the four days. M2 had a slightly more nervous start to the week getting bumped by New College on day one however they regrouped and got the revenge bump the next day. Despite some last minute changes in race strategy resulting in a deserved row over on day three, on the final day they faced two crews on for blades leaving them mid-division 4. These are great results for a squad where this is the first experience of bumps for the majority and stands us in good stead for eights! Special thanks to the coaches who have made all this possible."

               Ed (Men's Captain)

Picture Credit: Gareth Ardron

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