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Eights 2018

BCWBC had a strong performance at Summer Eights this year, reflecting a year of hard work. W2 bumped Lincoln W3 on the first day, followed by Regent’s Park W1 on the second. An unfortunate incident with the bank meant they were bumped by Regent’s on the third day, but they came back strong and returned the favour on the last day, leaving them up 2 places overall. A strong first Eights campaign for a boat who have only been rowing for a year! W1 had a hard Eights at the bottom of Div1, being bumped on two of the four days. Despite this, they stayed positive and delivered the strongest Balliol W1 performance since 2012, dropping only 1 place. We are very proud of what BCWBC have achieved this year, and look forward to what the next will bring!


Leah and Leonor (Incoming Women’s Captains)

BCBC had a successful Summer Eights campaign, demonstrating strength and depth as a squad. M3 saw the return of many great Balliol ex-rowers and moved up 5 places over Eights Week! M2 showed determination as a crew, coming together particularly well over the last two days, achieving a bump and a row over on Trinity. A good result, particularly for a crew that only started rowing this year! M1 trained hard and improved significantly over the term (the early mornings at Abingdon were certainly worthwhile!) They bumped University College M1 on the Wednesday followed by three close row overs, nearly catching Wolfson on each occasion, leaving them in 7th place in division 1. This great result puts us in an excellent position for next year!


Ed (Incoming Men’s Captain)

Picture Credit: Gareth Ardron

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